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Elevated blood pressure and cholesterol can have a significant impact on our health. Being the leading cause of death in the US, it is crucial to manage these conditions. The good news is that they are reversible, but it takes time. Visiting a primary care doctor once a year might not be enough, but Dr. Busse can provides ongoing support to reduce hypertension and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol so you can benefit from an overall healthier lifestyle.

Diabetes is a critical health concern affecting over 37 million individuals in the United States. Additionally, 86 million people are at a high risk as they have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. To ensure the best medical attention, it is important to seek diligent oversight.

Dr. Busse is available to help you manage diabetes professionally by taking care of the important aspects such as monitoring blood sugar levels, detecting potential complications, and delivering relevant treatment solutions.

Migraines can be awfully frustrating with their unpredictability and variances in treatment effectiveness. Unfortunately, it is the sixth most debilitating disease globally and can significantly impair your everyday functioning. However, with our concierge care, we can track your migraine patterns and develop a personalized treatment program for you, ensuring a normal life.

Allergies and asthma affect a significant percentage of the US population with 50 million people being affected, and around 8% of adults and 6.5% of children suffering from asthma. To manage these chronic conditions effectively, it’s vital to receive comprehensive care beyond just yearly check-ups at a doctor’s office. Integra Concierge Medicine is always there for you, providing concierge care to manage your ongoing allergy and asthma needs, from medications to trigger management.

Minor injuries can occur at any time, whether it’s twisting an ankle, getting a burn or a cut, or falling hard on your arm, which can result in a fracture.

Fortunately, our Integra Concierge Medicine is always available to attend to your everyday and minor injuries, saving you a visit to a busy emergency room. Our personalized and timely medical care provides endless benefits to our valued concierge members.

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As a concierge program working outside the usual insurance model, we have the ability see fewer patients allowing us more time to develop a true doctor-patient relationship. You will have a direct line to your physician to expedite your healthcare concerns. We strive to find the root of your healthcare concerns rather than just treat the symptoms.


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