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About Us

Dr. Paul A. Busse arrived in Texas to receive his BS Degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M. Afterward, he returned home to earn his medical degree in his home country of Peru from The San Martin de Pores University. He completed his residency at the Nebraska Medicine, Clarkson Family Medicine, in Omaha Nebraska. Dr Busse is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician who is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. In love with Florida’s sunshine, he has been living in the Jacksonville and Saint Augustine area for the past 14 years. Dr. Busse has been practicing medicine for over 12 years and has been a family medicine physician with Ascension St Vincent’s Health Care for the past 6 years. He listens to understand your health concerns and takes the time to get to know you and your family’s health history.

Dr. Busse then works with you to create a personalized care plan for your long-term health needs.

When he is away from the office, he enjoys the beach, cars, sailing, paddle boarding, cycling, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

“As a young adult, I did not think about being a doctor, but I have always been fascinated by the “why and how”. Growing up in a household where my father is an engineer, at some point I thought about being an architect or even an engineer like him. However, after my father was diagnosed with an almost-bursting brain aneurysm, my love for medicine was born. I was fascinated by the ability to inquire, diagnose and fix things, which led me into realizing I was and still am on the right track. I am sure I will never grow tired of medicine because there is always something new and relevant to learn.”

Paul Busse, MD

Since he started his career as a doctor, he has strived for personal relationships with his patients. He believes an important part of caring for someone is getting to know them as a person. Concierge-style care gives him the needed time to spend with his patients, allowing him to give the level of care each patient needs/wants, or what he deems necessary. In his experience, patients are more likely to change their diet, exercise, or open up about their mental health to someone they know on a personal level, allowing him to help create a healthier experience.