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Are you tired of dealing with long wait times and rushed appointments when it comes to your family’s healthcare? Integra Concierge Medicine provides a new approach to health and wellness services, providing families access to a personalized level of care that can help ensure everyone in the household is getting the best possible care. With attentive staff and patient-centered visits, our concierge medicine plans to provide reliable access for every member of the family.  Now you never have to worry about anything other than keeping them healthy.

Introducing Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine has experienced a surge of interest lately, with an estimated 800-5000 physicians offering this personalized service in the US. Unlike traditional practices that take on multiple patients at once, concierge care is focused on delivering convenience and high-quality individualized treatment to its members.

What is Concierge Medicine and How Can it Benefit Your Family

Concierge medicine is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. For a fixed monthly or annual fee, patients can benefit from same-day appointments as well as 24/7 access to their doctor. To meet the demands of this arrangement, physicians are reducing patient loads while also setting aside days dedicated to concierge service members—and all at an affordable cost compared with traditional models.

Understanding the Benefits of Increased Accessibility to Your Primary Care Physician

Concierge medicine offers a plethora of benefits, one of the most notable being that you will always be able to see a real doctor. Physicians who practice concierge care aren’t any different from other medical professionals – they simply operate their practices in a unique way.

If a doctor’s office has been a cause for anxiety in the past, this may be the perfect opportunity to try something different. A more personalized approach may be just what you need to feel more comfortable discussing your health with your physician. With longer appointment times and house calls as an option, this “old-fashioned” way of doing things can provide that special touch that had become lost over time – helping to create a relationship based on trust between patient and professional.

Developing a Proactive Health & Wellness Plan with Integra Concierge Medicine

With rising healthcare costs, finding affordable care can be a challenge. We are offering an accessible solution – concierge medicine. Through cost-efficient and personalized service, this medical model allows those without insurance the opportunity for quality and convenience in their health journey – all within a budget that works!

The Comprehensive Range of Services Offered by Integra Concierge Medicine

At Integra Concierge Medicine, we are committed to delivering a personalized approach to healthcare. Our various memberships provide you with the flexibility and affordability that allow for an intimate relationship between patient and doctor – so you can get access to quality medical care anytime it’s needed! To discover which type is best suited for your lifestyle and budget, explore our selection of membership options today.

Making the Most Out of Integra Concierge Medicine for Lasting Health & Wellbeing

Integra Concierge Medicine is proud to bring medical services straight to you in Northeast Florida. Our exclusive physician service offers a few advantages:

    • The ability for appointments within 24 hours

    • Unhurried visits with your physician

    • Access to telemedicine when needed

    • Expedited specialist referrals

    • If necessary as well as remotely monitoring your vital signs like blood pressure and EKG readings Patients have their doctor’s personal cell phone at their disposal, should they need it – from text messages all throughout call/video chats day or night!

    • Direct home visits, if necessary

In conclusion, Concierge Medicine is a revolutionary type of healthcare that allows people to receive personalized and direct care from a primary care physician. With immediate access to your physician and the capability to develop an individualized health & wellness plan tailored for long-term success, Integra Concierge Medicine offers an array of services and resources not available with other types of medical plans.  If you are seeking better, more attentive medical care that focuses on prevention over treatment, Integra Concierge Medicine is the ideal solution.

Ultimately, when it comes to deciding between traditional care and Integra Concierge Medicine, it’s essential to do your research to best assess what works best for you and if making the switch is right for you. Remember, having greater control over your medical care leads to improved confidence in your doctor-patient relationship as well as better overall health outcomes. Make a choice to have better health care today by looking into Integra Concierge Medicine and tapping into its comprehensive range of services so that you can feel supported on your journey toward lasting wellbeing.

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As a concierge program working outside the usual insurance model, we have the ability see fewer patients allowing us more time to develop a true doctor-patient relationship. You will have a direct line to your physician to expedite your healthcare concerns. We strive to find the root of your healthcare concerns rather than just treat the symptoms.


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